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New Hoodies!

December 5th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.38.34 AM

Hey gang, we are going to get some new hoodies printed up and here is your chance to be the first, and most likely only, to own one.  These are high quality hoodies printed on metallic black (that black with the little grey flecks in it).  We are going to keep this link active for about a week, then we will print, and get them shipped out to you for free.  Price is $40, but that includes shipping, so you arent getting completly robbed here!  We will print a small number to keep on hand for shows, but hoodies are expensive and we usually only keep around 10 in stock and they will go fast!  Your best option is to pony up the money now and reserve one for yourself.  Follow this link to our store and go ahead and get whatever size you need!  Thanks guys Killigans-hoodie-back


Saturday Dec 6th Holiday Show!

December 1st, 2014

Dec 6th The KILLIGANS are doing their annual “Wreck the Halls” Sweater show, donation for Matt Talbot kitchen.  Also appearing is Omahas Nightbird, and Lincolns The Bottle Tops.  Lots of fun to be had as always!  Check out this link for items you can bring for donations.  We will get them to where they need to go


Halloween Duffys Tavern

October 28th, 2014

Hey gang, come out to this show.  We are playing both early and late, probably 10ish and 12ish.  FREE SHOW, wear a costume and win something!  See how rediculous we can possibly look in our costumes.  Gonna be a crazy night.



The Cornhusker

September 17th, 2014

Hey Gang,
Did you know the Killigans recorded a version of the classic football song “The Cornhusker” by Robert W. Stevens?! Well, we did, and it’s sparking a lot of … conversation on-line. Some people like it. Some people hate it. Some people haven’t heard it yet. OMG! Internets!

well- You can go to Bandcamp and hear it and buy it for a buck!

Check it out now! Yay hooray! Then go onto some comments section of some webpage and tell people about it!

Facebook it to Bo Pelini!

Hey guys we are back in Lincoln at the Zoo Bar Saturday September 13th for an early show (6-9) also featuring Harley Graves. We have a boatload of fresh merch and all our old albums and all that as well. Please come down and hang with the band and get a good start to your Saturday night!



June 27th, 2014

Its hot as mexico out here in NEBRASKA, here is what we have been and are up to:

-Played a great show with Ben Folds a couple weeks ago
-Were guest musicians for a BMX jam supporting the NoWear Extreme Rider team Check out this awesome highlight reel from last years jam….more of the same this year but with killigan awesomeness added
-Also were guest band at an American Outlaw watch party for the US/Portugal match.

-Up next for us is Jul 11th downtown in front of the zoo bar in Lincoln NE for the annual “Zoo Fest”. This is a giant block party celebrating the 41st year for the famous Zoo Bar where they close the street and it gets crazy. We go on at 11pm. Gonna be crazy up in here.

-Also have Aug 1 booked in Dubuque IA, looking to fill the next night in the area. Stay tuned for more info.

St Pats Promo Video

March 10th, 2014

Hey guys, check out this video we did for our upcoming 10th annual St Pats show in Lincoln!  Special thanks to Jared Staab for producing and directing this gem!





March 4th, 2014

On March 15th, the killigans will be celebrating St Patricks day in style.  This marks our 10th year doing this show, and our 10th year as a band.  We want to celebrate by offering one hell of a night.  Iron Brush Tattoo (Lincoln NE) is sponsoring the event with some great giveaways, DJ Dan DTOUR! will be keeping the night moving between sets with his vast array of punk rock.  We have Halfwit and Mezcal Brothers hopping on as well to help us tear up the stage.  As always, look for this to be our biggest local show of the year, complete with traditional covers, Pogues covers, free stuff, unneccessary props, singalongs and who the hell knows what else could happen.  I can say with a fair amount of certainty that there will be a limited edition shirt for sale at this show as well as a fresh restock of “Another Round for the Strong of Heart”.  Watch for a YOUTUBE commercial about the show later this week/weekend. 

If you want to RSVP to the show, please go here:!/events/557064907723467/

In other news, look for us in Grand Island at the Glass Bar on April 4th, and in Denver at 3 Kings Tavern on April 5th, more info TBA. 


Feel free to print out these handbills and stick them up all over town for us!!!


Merch Store and shows update

December 17th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.49.53 AM

hey gang- we finally put a merch store on line. Brad is in charge of order fulfillment. Make him work hard! we have CDs, shirts, and koozies available at the moment, and we’ll try to add more new stuff when we can. go to:

Buy stuff.

Next shows:

Jan 24, early show at Zoo Bar. 5pm to 8pm. Lincoln NE

Jan 25, regular show at Slowdown, with Thirst Things First and 1more band. Omaha NE

Hope you have a great holiday season!



November 8th, 2013

Happy Friday morning everyone, we have some news to talk about to make your face get happy before going into this weekend… OK we just have a few shows and a video to talk about…

First, the three upcoming shows-

1. we are playing at the Glass Bar in Grand Island NE, on Friday Nov. 22

2. we are playing at the Triple Nickel in Colorado Springs CO, on Saturday Nov. 23

3. we are playing at Knickerbockers in Lincoln NE, on Saturday December 14

here are some fliers for GI and CS shows:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.24.14 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.24.06 PM

Make sure if you live in those areas that you grab all your friends and go to those shows. You don’t want to be the guy who says “oh yeah I had a chance to see them for $5 last year before they got all huge … but I stayed home and played Call of Duty all night instead” – DO YOU?

Well maybe you do. Either way here, in all it’s glory, is the latest video we’ve produced…  “Hey Sergio” off our latest album “Another Round for the Strong of Heart” – check it out.

let us know what you think. please comment on YouTube or tell us on Facebook or send us a telegram or something.

we hope you love it, and come to our shows and tell us. about it. changing. your. life. forever.


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