We always try to extend our gratitude out to everyone who makes it possible for us to continue to do what we do. Here is a list of some of the people who deserve our thanks:

You and all the Killigans fans, the world over. Extra special thanks to our wives and families.

Thanks to the venues who support live bands, the music staff who book us, the bar staff who pour our drinks, and the sound guys who make us sound great.

Additional thanks to: Knickerbockers, Duffy’s Tavern, Zoo Bar, Sokol, 49’r, Bo Rose, Johnny Fuerbach, Charlie Johnson & Tim Kechley at Fuse, Deitze Music House, Doug Van Sloan at Focus Mastering, Don Adams, Bob Marlette, Stacey & Mike McReynolds, Mike Battershell & the Bald Bearded Cow crew, Flatfoot 56, the Vandon Arms, Deals Gone Bad, KTP, Matt Hensley, Bandit Sound, The Hooligans, The Street Dogs, John Bowles at One Kind Radio, KRNU, KZUM, 89.7 the River, L. Kent Walgamott, Amazing Rob, Vic & Kathy Nebesniak, Nikki Nebesniak, Mark Dickenson, Jared Staab, Tyson Schaffert and Iron Brush, and Killigans alumni members.

We also need to thank Tony Robertson, Edwin Mukusha, Scott Dreeson, Rob Hosteter, Will Swan, Dan Peters, Al Chambers, Nick Bekius, Jeremy Buckley, Forty Twenty (RIP), Ideal Cleaners, Andy Fairburn, Pete Waters, P.O. Pears (RIP), 1% Productions, Guiness, eyeskull, Gibson Guitars, Zildjian Cymbals, ProMark, Converse, Adidas, Fender Guitars, Marshall Amps, and all the rest. Nostrovia!