Kids on the Street

Kids on the Street
Set me down on these leaves of brown where my feet feel safe at last
I’ve been gone so long, where the time has gone, my memory’s fading fast
My house has burned where it stood laid bare, left is rubble now to me
A broken swing lies fallen now, ‘neath this damn old pin oak tree

And the children are roaming the street
Running wild in the mid summer’s heat
They’re out there somewhere chasing stars while they nod off to sleep
For a life that I’d left lingers on
My feet are tired and my whiskey’s all gone
I’ll just lay here a while counting stars till I nod off to sleep

A broken mirror lay, all the pieces share a thousand memories etched in my mind
Never once did I see a man broken down who wasn’t trampled and left far behind

A single bell rolls through the autumn sky, a days work is done and gone
So go my sons home to your wives and kids make your and rest easily

Another day will come put on your worker’s boots and you’ll toil till the nightfall comes
And the stars up above will shine down through the night till you wake to that warm autumn sun