Bandit’s Revelry

Bandit’s Revelry
On the west side of the island
Far away from all the kings
There’s a bar we hold so dearly to our hearts
Many fine young lads turned in to men behind those doors
They’s a rowdy bunch of buggers from the start

Pour a glass for Pat O’Neill
And in walks Phil Barnard
Up from the cellar games do they come
They’ve neither known a ladies touch
Though Phil sure knows his own
Son move out of your mother’s basement
Get a job

Redbeard McNeil and his old buddy Hoos
Drunk together in the corner want some fun
Mad gleam in their eyes,
By God they’ve found someone

So sit right down and drink another round
Macintyre on the one, two, three
And we’ll have one more till were down on the floor
At Bandits Revelry

Now the thing about old Delbert,
He was a big brute of a man,
Had a pecker for a brain, but loved to fight
He knocked me to the ground
More than I should like to say,
And he happened in our bar one stormy night

Go and tell the bastard off
The boys they all proclaimed
Knock his ugly face to kingdom come
But if you’ve not the sands tonight, sure we all understand
He’s mighty big and you’re a lady after all

No sacrifice, no blood let
Could abate the sting of what I heard
Roll up, my sleeves, go and find that cow and have a word
But my throat has gone dry

Around the table, we prophesize what’s in store
And with every glass we’ll dream a thousand more