Lullaby for the Working Man

Lullaby for the Working Man

His best friend from childhood fell dead by his side
His last words, though I die, fight on
His enemies’ blood mingled thick with his tears
His lips formed the words of a song…….

The band has been outdone, by the choir
They lifted their voices on high
The priest has been shot down, because he’s a liar
The judge said he deserved to die

He began to see as the stakes slowly raised
This class struggle accomplished nothing
The rich just get richer, while the poor fight themselves
Their kids succumb to apathy

But then a man cried out among the masses
We’ll slave for the bourgeois no more
And then the bells rang out, an indication
That this cause was worth fighting for

Somewhere in between determination and too much pride
They failed to see what they were breaking up
They watched their children die for economic sanctity
But money is still deemed worthy, so it continues today

A broken shape lifted from lost liberty
He nods to the wind then turns westward
For some men seek justice while others they dream
And this world beats them both to the ground

Their fists have been worn down, by broken promises
A tattered hope ripped at the seams
A life of decency, was all they wanted
A long lasting equality