Upcoming shows, recording update, etc

Upcoming shows, recording update, etc

so we’ve got 3 shows coming up in June-

June 2 – Scruffy Murphy’s – Denver CO

June 16 – Zoo Bar – Lincoln NE

June 30 – Barley Street Tavern – Omaha NE

And we’re busy in the studio working on tracking our new full length album (title unknown) !!! Chris will be in the studio this weekend laying down some mandolin tracks and whatever else needs to be done before Pat and Brad can get in there to do their parts. Then the gang vocals. Then the mixing, mastering, and duplication. It will be a little while yet until we have a finished album, but we are hoping for a Fall 2012 release! Here’s to doing it your own way, on your own time, without anyone to report to except yourselves. Nostrovia!