Some New(s)

So, its been a little while since we updated.  Here you go:

We have the following shows on the radar:

September 25th in Lincoln at Duffys Tavern with MF Ruckus and Old Man Markley (fat wreck)

October 12th at the Bourbon Theater for Lincoln Calling with Larry and His Flask (side one dummy)

October 15th at Bombay Bicycle Club DesMoines IA with Flatfoot56

October 21st in Kearney NE at the Garage with the Bishops (omaha ska)

October 22nd at Rockaway Tavern Denver CO with TBA

In the meantime, we are frantically writing new material.  I think the last count was around 13-14 songs.  We are trying to wean that down to around 10 for a new full length album, we will hopefully begin in December.  We are all very excited about the new songs and feel they are a step above and beyond anything we have done before, obviously.  We have experimented with some new sounds while still staying true to our roots.  A lot has happened to us personally in the last year and it has brought about some great music.

We have also started doing these impromptu acoustic sets in and around Lincoln, most notably at McCourts Ale House.  The atmosphere lends itself well to quaint little get togethers where we can play some stuff we wouldnt normally play on stage.  The goal here is to get people out and get people to get involved in the music and encourage sing alongs.  We did a pilot last weekend and it went over really well.  More to come on that. 

If you arent already, please head over to facebook and add “LIKE” our band page.  We have been doing most of our updating over there.  Also started doing some contests where you could win some cool stuff. 

As always, thanks for the continued support, and look for great things from the Killigans in 2012.  Cheers and Beers you filthy mugs!