back from tour

Well, we’re home from tour and want to say thanks to everyone who helped us out along the way. Thanks to Cal and his welder buddy in Dubuque, even though the trailer still broke!; thanks to Ray for being a great help in Madison and taking us to the Willy Street Pub for curds; thanks to Tom and the Staggerers in Ft Wayne for being rad, and to the Brass Rail for the PBR; thanks to Hutch for showing up with friends in Des Moines, even though it was after we played; thanks to Sleeping Under 47 for hooking up the great show at the House Cafe; and thanks to all our new friends and fans we met along the way.

We’re sad we didn’t get to play Cincinnati. It was a tough decision but since the sound guy and only one of the other four bands showed up, we decided to roll. Sorry to Suzy Trash who showed up and decided to play anyway. Had the sound guy materialized and had enough cables, we probably would have played. Maybe next time.

Random things:

  • We lost our beloved trailer in Iowa, then bought a “new” one on Craigslist 5 days later, in Iowa.
  • Here’s a list of places we ate at: Burger King, the Bank Bar, Hardee’s, Gas Stations, McDonald’s, Skyline Chili, Northside Slice, White Castle, Lord Stanley’s, Subway, Happy Wok, Willy Street Pub, Casey’s, Royal Mile, Truck Stops.
  • We played a lot of Hot Shots Golf on the PS2.
  • Chris threw a giant log into the Mississippi River but we didn’t get it on video.
  • Trevor drove the whole time.
  • Greg resisted the flirtations of 2 Irish lasses in Madison.
  • Brad lost his voice 5 times, then regained it.
  • Pat’s accordion got fixed, mostly.
  • Ben beat Angry Birds some more, read 2 1/2 books, and slept the latest.

We posted some photos and a video on Facebook – we’ll get them on here soon too.