Next up for the killigans is New Years Eve here in Lincoln at Duffys Tavern.  We have taken it upon ourselves to dub the “the killigans winter formal” .  We are going to try our darndest to make this the best party in town.  We ask that you dress up in some way shape or form.  You dont HAVE to, but it could make your night that much more fun.  When we say dress up, we dont really mean dress up dress up.  Wear your grandpas old suit, or your wedding dress, or that tuxedo shirt you got back in college, wear a costume for all we care, just make it fun.  If you want to look nice, then by all means wear some nice threads we dont care, but dont get mad at us for spitting beer all over you.  It could happen.  Stranger things things have.  Bring a date if you have one, if you dont, ask Tiger Woods, he probably has one to spare.  You could even get your photo taken under our specially themed photo arch like in highschool. 

Best part about the show is its only $5.  Not sure if there will be presale tickets or not, but show up early to make sure you get in.  Show starts at 9pm.  We invited our friends Beatmix Sessions to start the night out with some DJ/drums action.  Before our set our good friend Rob “amazing” Beals will be doing a little magic for you all, officially making this the weirdest show we will ever do.  Its gonna be awesome.  All sorts of good stuff going on. 

peace and grease